Roseville, Minnesota – March 25, 2020 – SecureTech Innovations, Inc., an emerging growth company focused on developing and marketing personal and automobile security and safety devices and technologies, announces that it has initiated commercial production of its Top Kontrol® product.

The various components necessary to manufacture the product, such as circuit boards, connectors, relays, etc., have been ordered from their respective sources.  Taking this component procurement lead time into consideration, SecureTech anticipates that the first production models will start rolling off of the assembly line in mid-to-late April with initial product deliveries beginning in May.

Kao Lee, SecureTech’s President and CEO, stated, “After years of hard work, planning, and working through unforeseen obstacles and delays, Top Kontrol® is finally being produced and will be available for retail sale very soon.  I couldn’t be more excited about the Company and its future at this moment.”

“I would also like to add that the COVID-19 pandemic has only minimally affected our supply chain.  While I will caution that this could change at any moment, for now, we seem to be able to source all of the components necessary to manufacture Top Kontrol®.  I look forward to sharing more Top Kontrol® production and sales updates with our shareholders in the coming weeks and months.”

About SecureTech Innovations
SecureTech is an emerging growth company focused on developing and marketing personal and automobile security and safety devices and technologies.  SecureTech is the maker of Top Kontrol, the only anti-theft and personal safety automobile device known that can safely stop a carjacking without any action by the driver.  For more information, visit

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