January 23, 2019


Dear SecureTech Shareholders:

It brings me great pleasure to share with you SecureTech’s 2018 accomplishments and challenges as well as provide you with a snapshot of what I envision SecureTech achieving in 2019.

Fiscal 2018

SecureTech reached several significant milestones during the course of 2018, including:

  • Closed its first private placement financing;
  • Selected a contract manufacturer for Top Kontrol® in the greater St. Paul/Minneapolis area;
  • Became a fully-reporting company to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC);
  • Attended the SEMA/AAPEX show in Las Vegas in preparation of launching Top Kontrol®.  SEMA/AAPEX is the largest after-market auto convention in the world (second largest annual convention overall, just slightly smaller than the annual CES convention);
  • Received confirmation from the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) for the approval and protection of the trademark TOP KONTROL; and
  • Started the process to obtain a public trading symbol on the OTCQB stock exchange.

We are all very excited and proud of those 2018 accomplishments.  It was a very busy and productive year for us.  However, we did encounter one challenge that caused us some unexpected delays and headaches towards getting Top Kontrol® into the US marketplace.

After closing on our first (and only) private placement financing in Q1 2018, SecureTech explored several contract manufacturers who should be able to mass produce Top Kontrol® with economies of scale.  Eventually, we settled on Evotronics; partially because it is a family owned and operated business that we felt would be easy to work with and partially because of their close proximity to SecureTech’s own corporate offices.

We provided Evotronics with a Top Kontrol® prototype and spent several months working with them and their engineer to move Top Kontrol® from a hand assembled prototype to a mass-produced machine assembled production model.  For one reason or another, a working production model never came off of their automated equipment.  After many headaches and much deliberation, we parted ways with Evotronics in Q3 2018 and started working with Oznium, a Colorado based contract manufacturer.

Oznium was able to provide us with a working test production model of Top Kontrol® in December 2018.  Shortly thereafter we live demonstrated this production model to a focus group comprised of likely customers.  The feedback we received from this focus group was phenomenal and we are now taking steps to refine the Top Kontrol® production model accordingly.  We hope to have this refined production model ready for demonstration and testing by government regulators towards the end of Q1 2019.

Fiscal 2019

All in all, 2018 was a very good year for SecureTech and set the stage for what we anticipate will be a very good and productive 2019.  Building on those achievements and moving forward SecureTech is aiming to accomplish the following notable milestones during the course of 2019:

  • Have Oznium deliver us a fully functioning and able-to-mass-produce Top Kontrol® production model;
  • Obtain US regulatory approval for Top Kontrol®, including FCC and UL certifications;
  • Start commercial manufacturing of Top Kontrol®;
  • Launch a redesigned and interactive Top Kontrol® website for consumers;
  • Host a booth featuring Top Kontrol® at this year’s SEMA/AAPEX convention in Las Vegas;
  • Institute a Top Kontrol® dealer and installer training and certification program;
  • Take Top Kontrol® “Prime Time” and get industry media coverage and reviews in publications such as Road & Track and Car and Driver; and
  • Finalize the going public process and obtain a trading symbol on the OTCQB stock exchange.

In addition to the foregoing, I pledge to all of SecureTech’s shareholders to do a better job at keeping each of you informed of SecureTech’s developments and milestone achievements as they occur in 2019 and within scope of Regulation FD. Towards this, I ask that each of you please visit SecureTech’s corporate website at www.securetechinnovations.com and sign up for our press release dissemination list if you have not done so already.

I look forward to making this a great year at SecureTech and one to talk about for quite some time as we finally introduce the world to our revolutionary Top Kontrol® product!

Very truly yours,

/s/ Kao Lee
Kao Lee
President and Chief Executive Officer


About SecureTech Innovations
SecureTech is an emerging growth company focused on developing and marketing personal and automobile security and safety devices and technologies.  SecureTech is the maker of Top Kontrol, the only anti-theft and personal safety automobile device known that can safely stop a carjacking without any action by driver.  For more information, visit www.securetechinnovations.com.

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